Friday, 29 March 2019 14:37

Prati Volunteer Group takes action at 1st Re-Criare Down Festival  

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The festival is also a reference to the international day of Down Syndrome, which is celebrated on March 21

Prati Volunteer Group participated on Sunday (17th) in the 1st Re-Criare Down Festival, which took place at Diva Paim Barth Ecological Park in Toledo, and had a program of activities aimed at people with Down Syndrome and their families. 

The event aimed to raise awareness of the importance of the fight for the rights of people with Down Syndrome. Along with the activities that took place on Sunday, Panambi Shopping Mall will receive until March 25 on its hall an exhibition of photos taken by professional photographers from Toledo and Cascavel, in which the models are the children of the movement members.                                                              

The supervisor of Prati-Donaduzzi Social Responsibility Department, Maria Rita Pozzebon, explains the reason for the participation of the volunteers. "Taking time to help others is incredible, and that's what our volunteers did. They have been following families who have kids with the Syndrome, collecting data and giving guidance. They also took the opportunity to talk about the possibilities of insertion in the job market and projects that the company offers for people with disabilities ". 

Meiri Pelegrini, who is Prati-Donaduzzi´s employee, is one of the members of Re-Criare Down movement and talks about the union of the members. "We are parents who come together with the mission of sharing ideas, doubts and making new friendships. Sometimes we do not know whom to turn to and this movement is a union of people with a single goal, which is to help our children and guarantee them quality of life. " 

Prati Volunteer Group has existed since 2016 and is a project developed by the company's Social Responsibility Department. It consists of about 30 employees who participate in community integration activities.


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