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Prati-Donaduzzi participates in cleaning action of Pyahu Stream

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Prati-Sustentável project as a partner of the activity

The cleaning of Pyahu stream edges, located on Jardim Tocantins in Toledo, took place on Friday (22) in order to carry out an environmental preservation action. Prati-Donaduzzi, through Prati-Sustentável project was a partner of the activity.

The cleaning action of Pyahu stream occurs frequently, however, several materials are still found discarded in the place, which is considered a preservation area. The activity also alluded to World Water Day and reminded that joint actions of environmental care aim to ensure the sustainability of water for the next generations.

About 50 students from Novo Horizonte State School participated in the activity, members of the Center for Sustainable Development Objectives of Toledo (ODS Center), Toledo City Hall, Sanepar, São Jorge Locações, Pyahu Stream / Cerro Corá Learning Community, among others.

As a way to seal a commitment to environmental care, participants received three tapes saying, 'My attitude makes a difference.' The idea was for each member to attach the tape to the arm and distribute it to two more people.

The Environmental Technician, Faneza de Oliveira, explains the participation of “Prati-Sustentável” project in the action. "Prati-Donaduzzi cares about the environment and extends it to the community. Pyahu stream is in our vicinity and we have already noticed a better preservation of the place, but even so, it is still necessary to raise awareness of the people that it is not allowed to dispose of materials on the site."

Izadora Gabrieli da Silva attends the 9th grade of Elementary School at Novo Horizonte School and is aware about the preservation of these places. "People throw garbage where they should not and that's unnecessary. Leaving the classroom and come here to carry out this action is a way of showing that we are concerned about the environment and that we want a better place to live and, consequently, a more beautiful city. "


It is an environmental education project promoted by the company in partnership with Toledo City Hall and Secretaries of Education and Environment. In addition to providing awareness of the children of the Engenheiro Waldyr Luiz Becker Municipal School, it participates in integration actions with the local community.


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