Wednesday, 08 May 2019 11:12

Prati-Donaduzzi launches project focused on combating violence against women


The Social Responsibility team will act in the organization of the activities

By aiming to aware the female employees of autonomy, empowerment, psychological health, women's rights and the fight against violence, Prati-Donaduzzi has launched “Magnolias in action” project. The initiative counts on the partnership of Maria da Penha Center - Numape in Toledo and takes place inside the industry. 

The main idea is to assist the women and provide legal and social guidance so that they are provided with information about their rights. The first group has the participation of approximately 30 women who gathered in a conversation on the last 18th to get to know each other and tell their life stories. 

The Social Responsibility Supervisor, Maria Rita Pozzebon, explains why the project is called Magnolias. "Magnolia is a delicate flower of the field, resistant to rain, wind and high temperatures. We chose this name because it makes reference to us women who have the ability to do and overcome many things, just like this flower. " 

Maria adds that Magnolias Project also aims to empower the participants. "Women make up 61% of our workforce and the project stands to offer them support. We need to empower our female employees and they can use what they have learned to encourage other women", she says. 

Quelen Ramirez, who has been working at Prati-Donaduzzi for twelve years, tells how her participation in the conversation was. "It is important to attend such meetings and learn from the exchange of experiences and stories of these women. Through Magnolias Project, we can help the people around us who experience violence and self-esteem problems and make a difference in their lives. " 

The meetings take place once a week and will approach the following issues: the creation of Maria da Penha Law, historical construction of the role of women in society, types of violence, among others.

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