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“Recomeçar” Program brings together authorities to present results


Entities involved in Recomeçar Program

Recomeçar Program has been held for nine years and assists women who are in prision at the 20th Police Station of Toledo. In order to discuss the obtained results, authorities involved in the Program arranged a meeting in early May at Prati-Donaduzzi, a company that supports the development of activities. 

Among the participants were the members of Toledo´s Forum, Penitentiary Department (DEPEN), 20th Police Station, Civil Police and Community Council. At the opening, Prati-Donaduzzi CEO, Eder Fernando Maffissoni, made an institutional presentation of the company by showing results and projections for the coming years. 

The Founding Partner, Carmen Donaduzzi, took the opportunity to talk about how important it is to care for people. "W e need to make our fellow man's life better and the project comes to that. We want people to study and improve their lives, and when there is a chance to make a difference in someone's life, that needs to be done. " 

The Judge of Law, Luciana Lopes do Amaral Beal, participated in the meeting and comments on the social importance of Recomeçar. "The people who are part of the project need our support to really start over, because social reintegration is difficult. There are several entities united for this to happen and Prati plays an important role in this process. " 

The Supervisor of Social Responsibility Department, Maria Rita Pozzebon, presented the achieved results. "Every Wednesday we devote our time to work with the female inmates to raise their interest in professionalization, seeking to facilitate reintegration into the labor market and into society. We have noted that the program is successful in reducing the rate of criminal recurrence", she says. 

During the occasion, the participants were shown some speeches of former prisoners who have achieved reintegration into society and the labor market. The authorities also made visits to the technical areas of the industry, participated in lunch at the company and the closing of the activities was with a presentation of Serprati Choir. Directors of the Group companies and employees involved with the Program were also present in the event. 

Recomeçar Program 

It takes place once a week with female inmates at the 20th Police Station in Toledo and allows training with a focus on social reintegration and the labor market. In addition, the actions are aimed at reducing criminal recurrence. Among the main activities are workshops, lectures and trainings. The project is also awarded with Sesi ODS Seal in Paraná, several times.


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