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Toledo volleyball team to compete Parana U19 Championship finals this weekend

Copa Integração. Foto Silmar Ramos.jpg

Runner-up team celebration. Photo: Silmar Ramos

Toledo will host the final stage of the Paranaense U19 Volleyball Championship from 22 to 24 November. Competitions will be held at Alcides Pan and Hugo Zeni Sports Gymnasium. The promotion of the games is from Paraná´s Volleyball Federation.

The teams are named Toledo/Prati-Donaduzzi/Avotol and are confident of good results. The women's team will play on Saturday (23) at 2.00pm at Hugo Zeni Gymnasium and the men´s team has the first game on Friday (22) at 9.00am at Hugo Zeni Gymnasium, as well.

The men´s team competes in division A and, in total, eight teams fight for the title while the female´s team competes the semifinal, this is because in previous stages of the competition, it won this classification. Athletes up to 18 years old, who are part of Mais Vôlei Project, defend Toledo in these games.

The stages of Paraná began in April this year and now the winners in the men and women´s categories will be known. The women´s team will be under the command of Coach Marcos Assunção, while the men´s team will have André Van de Sand as their coach.

Volleyball Integration Cup

In early November, Toledo/Prati-Donaduzzi/Avotol women's team under 19 won the runner-up of Volleyball Integration Cup. Eight teams from the municipalities of Céu Azul, Formosa do Oeste, Foz do Iguaçu, Medianeira, Palotina, Toledo and Santa Izabel do Oeste and Santa Helena attended this competition.

All teams faced each other and in the sum of points, Toledo´s team won second place with 44 points, just two behind first place, Foz do Iguaçu.

“We took to this competition around 24 athletes from the youth teams. All the preparation work we do with them is recognized when they stand out and win titles. As a coach, I see this as a job that has been working. I am proud of each one's achievements and evolution”, says Marcos Assunção.


Toledo volleyball athletes compete with the purple T-shirt, bearing the name Prati-Donaduzzi, which is currently considered the industry that most produces generic drugs in Brazil*. The pharmaceutical industry has been supporting Toledo Mais Vôlei project since 2015 through the Sports Incentive Law.

Legenda: Runner-up team celebration

*IQVIA MAT AGO/2019 PMB + NRC Doses Terapêuticas

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