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State Stage of Sesi Games to count on the participation of Serprati / Prati-Donaduzzi Athletes


The athletes will compete in three modalities in the state phase of Sesi Games. Photo: Jéssica Dona

A delegation of 24 athletes and two instructors of Serprati/Prati-Donaduzzi is traveling this Thursday (14) to Carambeí - Paraná. The reason is the participation in the state stage of the Industry Social Service Games (SESI). The competitions start on Friday (15) and extend until Sunday (17).

They will compete in the seven free men's soccer, women's futsal and men's truco modalities. The athletes from Toledo are the only representatives of western Paraná in the seven men´s soccer and truco football modality. The highlight goes to the women's team that is current champion of Paraná when they won the title in the 2018 edition.

They guaranteed their participation in this phase thanks to the results achieved at the municipal and regional stages.


Prati-Donaduzzi's 7-year-old employee, Rafael Marcus Tozati, will attend the Sesi Games for the first time and said he was confident. “We are talking about high-level games. That´s why there are only teams that have already won. In order to be prepared, we have intensified our training sessions. I believe the good achieved result in the regional stage made us confident for this other level of competition. ”

Rafael adds that the support from the company is essential for participation to be possible. “Prati-Donaduzzi and Serprati support us. They offer training structure and logistics for games, which are very positive, because it makes us focused to pursue the goals. I just have to thank for this opportunity”, ends Rafael.

Claudemir Basílio (Ganso) and Douglas Martins, who are responsible for the technical and physical preparation, accompany the athletes.

Sports Incentive

Prati-Donaduzzi pharmaceutical industry supports its employees to take part in the games. It is also an incentive and sponsor of other sports. As an example, Prati supports Mais Vôlei Toledo Project, street racing and even the presence in the largest category of Brazilian motorsport, Stock Car.

Sesi Games

They are part of ‘Cuide-se” Program (Take care of yourself) that seeks to bring quality of life to the worker of Paraná industry through prevention and education. During the municipal, state and regional stages, more than 36 cities host the games by involving over 8,000 athletes/workers from around 550 companies competing in 15 sports.


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