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Serprati/Prati-Donaduzzi women's futsal team is runner-up of the state phase of Sesi Games

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Women´s futsal team finished in second place in the competition. Photo: Jéssica Dona

Serprati/Prati-Donaduzzi women's futsal team won Sesi Games runner-up, state stage. The competition took place this weekend (15-17) in Carambeí, a town 460 km from Toledo. In addition to participating in women's futsal, the delegation of 24 athletes also participated in seven men's free soccer and men's truco.

The result of the second place in women's futsal came after the five-game match. With four goals in the games, attacker Thaís Regina Veronese was one of the highlights of the competition. She is an employee of Centralpack Embalagens, which is the packaging company from Prati Group, and she has futsal as a passion.

 “I like futsal a lot. I have been playing for over 10 years. We were confident of victory, but we finished in second place. For us, it is as if we were in first, because we grew a lot as a team in this competition. It was very important to participate”, she explains.

Instructor Claudemir Basilio (Ganso) said that the athletes gave the best at all times. “They performed very well, outperformed themselves, because even tired, they remained confident until the last seconds of the game. Now we will continue our training rhythms for upcoming competitions. ”


The seven free soccer team ended their participation in the group stage. Photo: Jéssica Dona


Truco modality was competed by employees Alexandro Pereira dos Santos and João Silva da Costa. They won third place in the championship, which had 17 doubles.

Alexandro Pereira dos Santos, who works in the internal maintenance department, has been in the company for 12 years and says that truco requires a lot of strategy, as it is a card game. “The double needs to have companionship, because it is a joint work and needs to be in tune to be able to win. Concentration counts a lot. We played five matches to reach the semifinal and finished third. We are happy about that. It was hard, but it went right”, he says.

Men's seven soccer

The seven free soccer team, even with three major absences, was persistent from start to finish, but ended their participation in the group stage.

Upcoming Challenges

Next Saturday (23), at 3.30 pm, the seven men's free soccer team competes in the final of the XXVII Panelão Championship promoted by Yara de Toledo Club, competition known as the most competed in the club's annual calendar. In addition, the female team will compete in the coming days ‘São Pedro Regional Cup’ in São Pedro do Iguaçu, which includes the participation of six teams in the western region of Paraná, where all the teams play against each other.

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On truco modality, the employees Alexandro Pereira dos Santos and João Silva da Costa reached the third place. Photo: Jéssica DonaSports Incentive

The athletes participating in the Games are employees of Prati-Donaduzzi and members of the Recreational Sports Society (Serprati), which is the association of employees of the company. During the games, they were accompanied by instructors Claudemir Basílio (Goose) and Douglas Martins, who are responsible for their physical and technical preparation.

Sesi Games

They are part of ‘Cuide-se” Program (Take care of yourself) that seeks to bring quality of life to the worker of Paraná industry through prevention and education. During the municipal, state and regional stages, more than 36 cities host the games by involving over 8,000 athletes/workers from around 550 companies competing in 15 sports.

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