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Monday, 18 November 2019 08:22

Stock Car: Julio Campos to try a new podium in GO

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Julio Campos wants to repeat the podium in Goiânia. Photo: Cleocinei Zonta

The Stock Car season 2019 reaches its penultimate stage and - with it - expectations rise around the title decision. Julio Campos, driver of Prati-Donaduzzi team, keeps fighting for the title. Last year, he was about to get it. He ended in third place, but this year he has only one certainty. “I will fight to the last second for this title”, he says.

The category returns to Goiânia, GO, this Sunday, 24. The track brings good retrospect for the team, including a second place for Julio in May this year.

“Goiânia is a track we know very well. We had good results this year there. For the stage, we have to improve the race pace a bit and keep on making good points to reach the title in the final, actually. We are 49 points behind the leader. We know the final is worth 60 points, so we will fight for that title until the end”, says Julio.

Team chief, Rodolpho Mattheis, says the team is working hard to ensure a great stage for Prati-Donaduzzi drivers.

“Our track record is good in Goiânia. It cheers us up. The break is being short for car reviews between stages, but we are working overtime every day to let the cars go 100% for the race. The last stage at Velo Città, although we did not make a podium. We managed to have the third best score. Therefore, this test of Goiânia is very important to reach chances in the final. We want to discount at least 15 points from the leaders and one way to do that is to win one of the races”, he explains.

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Prati-Donaduzzi team keeps fighting for title in the final. Photo: Cleocinei Zonta

On the other hand, Valdeno Brito has a more aggressive strategy for the next stages. “The desire to make a great stage remains. On the last weekends, we did not find the car hit. We were always suffering one difficulty or another. I still aim to get a podium and points with the most aggressive strategies we are trying. We hope everything fits together and the results are positive in Goiânia”, he ends.

Goiania´s stage is the 11th of Stock Car and will be held with a double round on November 24.


Prati-Donaduzzi, the 100% capital Brazilian pharmaceutical industry, is specialized in the development and production of generic drugs. Based in Toledo, western Paraná, Prati-Donaduzzi produces about 11.5 billion therapeutic doses per year and has about 4,200 employees. The company has one of the largest portfolios of generic drugs in Brazil* and aims to grow its sales and production capacity by 15% in 2019.


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Legenda 1: Julio Campos wants to repeat the podium in Goiânia. Photo: Cleocinei Zonta.

Legenda 2: Prati-Donaduzzi team keeps fighting for title in the final. Photo: Cleocinei Zonta.

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