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Stock Car: Rain to disrupt Prati-Donaduzzi team strategy

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Valdeno Brito was classified to Q2 and starts in 14th. Photo: Cleocinei Zonta

Unfulfilled expectations for Prati-Donaduzzi team on this Saturday of qualifying practice at Ayrton Senna International Race Track in Goiania. After two days of practice with fast cars on the dry track, the heavy rain that fell at the time of qualifying training disrupted the team's strategy.

Julio Campos, who competed on a wet track in Group 1, was affected and starts Sunday on 20th. Valdeno Brito, who competed in Group 2, took advantage of the track that was dry in the final half of training and moved on to Q2 (group of 16 fastest drivers). He will start on 14th position on Sunday.

“It was a qualifying that did not live up the expectations at all. We wanted to get into Q3 (group of the fastest 6) with both cars. In the dry, we were very well, but in the wet, we were not. Tomorrow, we are going to have to fight to recover it with a good strategy. We have to arrive with title chance in the last stage. For this, it is necessary to deduct points from Daniel Serra, who will start in seventh. It's hard, but it is not impossible”, explains the team leader, Rodolpho Mattheis.

Julio Campos, who is in the fight for the title, laments the rain in qualifying, but focuses on adding points in the races. “The weekend started with the car going really fast. We did not use the best tire for training this morning, but I was among the 17 first drivers. Therefore, we had the potential to be in the top five easily. Then, it rained and it turned out that I could not fit the best lap. To make matters worse, the track dried out for the second group and many drivers in the first group lost positions because of it. Of course, if everyone had been in the same condition, that would not be the result. I was out for two tenths”, explains Julio Campos.

Valdeno Brito had the advantage of being in the second group with half of training in the rain and half on the drier track, but he was also harmed. “I was excited about the timing with a fast car, but in the rain the car did not respond as we expected. We failed to get the balance, but everyone was uncertain on how the things would be. No one trained in such condition, so it was difficult to get it right at first. It was the best we could do”, he says.

For this Sunday's races, the strategy will be the same for Prati-Donaduzzi drivers: finish in the top 10 in the first race and then start the inverted grid in the second. The races take place at 11am and 12pm this Sunday, 24, in Goiânia, GO.

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Julio Campos focuses on winning points to keep fighting for the title. Photo: Cleocinei Zonta


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