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Women's Day: Prati-Donaduzzi to carry out activities aimed at employees

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The actions alluding to Women's Day aimed to guide the employees. Photo: Igor Baggio

To celebrate the International Women's Day, which takes place on March 8, and as a way of valuing its employees, Prati-Donaduzzi pharmaceutical industry carried out several activities during the Women's Week. The aim was to promote guidance and reflection, in addition to providing a special moment in the work routine.

The program was diversified and included lectures, beauty services, special lunch, cultural activities and photographic exhibition. The Women's Week featured three lectures, one by therapist Selma Fernandes who addressed ways of connecting with the universe. The psychologist and sexologist, Sirlene Pereira Ferreira, also conducted a chat with the employees about female sexuality. Women's rights was also a topic addressed by Cristine Cogo, a psychologist at the Secretariat for Policies for Women.

The moments were essential for women to take a break from routine and think about their roles and presence at work, family and all relationships. "Women should not be afraid. They are goddesses and have a lot of value. They are always in sync with the universe", praised the speaker Selma Fernandes, who ended her participation by guaranteeing that 'women perform miracles'.

The beauty of women, who, on a daily basis, take a lot of dedication to work, was also praised. The pharmaceutical industry had the support of the course of Aesthetics, Cosmetics at Paranaense University - UNIPAR, campus of Toledo and the Embelleze Institute to take services such as massages, nail polish, blow-drying hair, and haircut, among others.

Prati “salon” pleased the employees. "Women are increasingly vain and looking for their space. I really enjoyed the activities offered by the company. It is a form of recognition", says Bruna Barella, from the Debt Collection Department. Bruna took advantage of the offered services to take care of her hair and feel even more beautiful.

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Prati “salon” pleased the employees. Photo: Igor Baggio

Look of attention

The company's Marketing manager, Lucas Angnes, emphasized that the events of the Women's Week are a way of valuing the employee. “We are more than 4,400 employees at Prati and the majority are women. They all play an important role in the company and nothing is fairer than preparing a special moment for our employees. They deserve it. This shows our concern for the well-being of people”, he says.


The packaging industry of Prati-Donaduzzi Group also embraced the idea and promoted a lecture for the employees. With the theme ‘Women - be your best version’ the meeting allowed a chat about self-confidence and self-esteem and was conducted by the nursing technician, Eliana Massola.

Who took the opportunity to participate was the employee Edilaine Mendes de Oliveira. “What Eliana passed on to us is that we have to have confidence. It was very motivating”, she explains.

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Employees from various departments at Centralpack attended the lecture. Photo: Jéssica Dona

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