Sponsorship and Backing

Incentive Laws

Fiscal incentive laws allow individuals and legal entities to entitle a portion of their paid taxes to the execution of social, cultural, sport, and health projects. For companies, such as in the case of Prati-Donaduzzi, it is an opportunity to support causes which align themselves with its objectives and can increase its impact on society.

Learn about each of the laws and projects backed by Prati-Donaduzzi:

FIA - Infant and Adolescent Fund

City of Toledo

The provision of funds to the City Hall shall enable resources to be allocated to institutions registered in the Program. The definition of which institution shall receive the benefit is under the City Hall responsibility.

Laws of Sports Incentives

More Volley Toledo Program

Developed by the Municipal Secretary of Sports and Leisure (SMEL) and the Volleyball Association of Toledo (Avotol), the objective is to improve the conditions of the teams’ training, both masculine and feminine, and to contribute to their participation in regional and statewide competitions. The program directly assists 200 athletes and also conducts volleyball training centers for children in various neighborhoods throughout the city.

Statute of the Elderly

Project of the City of Jaguari, Rio Grande do Sul

The City of Jaguari, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, will dedicate obtained resources toward the construction of a public swimming pool geared towards the necessities of the local population.

Rouanet Law

Serprati Core

Executed by the Sport and Recreation Society of Prati-Donaduzzi, the Serprati Core Project is geared towards the collaborators of the company. Weekly rehearsals and performances are conducted with an artistic aim for internal events and the community.

Especialistas da Alegria (Experts of Joy)

The main characteristic of the project is to bring joy to people. The experts work at Erasto Gaertner Hospital - Curitiba - PR and provide smiles to patients, family, companions and employees.

ACIT Christmas

Prati-Donaduzzi supports the holding of Enchanted Christmas of Toledo Business Association (ACIT). The actions bring the Christmas atmosphere to people and decorate the city in one of the most anticipated times of the year.