Friday, 10 May 2019 16:52

Prati Volunteer Group collects more than 300 liters of milk in solidarity action

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The delivery took place at APA – Elderly House

Prati-Donaduzzi employees, who participate in the Volunteering Group, have collected more than 300 liters of milk for donation. The campaign, which took place inside the company, is part of the voluntary actions that seek integration with the community. 

An example of the commitment to obtain the liters of milk was the Manufacturing Supervisor, Rhaíssa Fernanda Daleffe Santos, who embraced the Campaign and encouraged all her staff to participate. "When I learned the action would take place, I gathered the employees and collected around 75 liters. I often say that it does not matter the value of what we give to someone, but the donation must be an act of love for the others. " 

In total 356 liters of milk were collected. The volunteers took a part of such amount, as an act of solidarity, to APA (Elderly House). The rest will be given to families of employees who are assisted by the social assistance department. 

The management of Prati Volunteer group is carried out by the company's Social Responsibility Department and the Supervisor of the area, Maria Rita Pozzebon, comments that the campaign highlights the union of people towards a common goal. "These activities bring joy and well-being, both the recipient and the donor. The volunteer group is made up of motivated people with fantastic energy who are always ready to contribute. I would like to thank each of them for their dedication and commitment. " 

The next action of the group that consists of about 50 employees will be the Warm Clothing Campaign. The activity takes place internally and aims to collect coats, trousers, blankets, among others.

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