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Stock Car: Julio Campos is still in the fight for the title

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The next round of Stock Car is scheduled for September 15, in Velopark, municipality of Nova Santa Rita, RS. Photo: Cleocinei Zonta.

The disputed and complicated Interlagos Million Race on Sunday 25 was full of challenges on the circuit. Since the count starts, Prati-Donaduzzi drivers have not been able to achieve good results, which reflected in the race. However, Julio Campos got more points for the championship ranking, finishing the race in the 11th position and Valdeno Brito made a good recovery reaching 13th, after starting in 20th.

“We finished away from where we would like to be. We wanted the victory. Nevertheless, we started with a bad qualifier yesterday due to Julio's tire lock problem. We risked starting with the tire like that, but we paid the price by losing pace. However, under the conditions we had, we were able to do a good job. In the championship, we are in fourth position, but we will work to continue fighting for a title chance. We are 33 points from the leader. We need to make a good next round”, says team leader Rodolpho Mattheis.

Valdeno has the best pit stop of the race

Valdeno, who was affected with oil on the track during the count starts on Saturday's 24, started at the last squad, in the 20th position. However, a fantastic pit stop from the team ensured that the driver could grow eight positions and finish the race in 13th.

“We managed to get some points in the race, but I had some troubles by the fact I started behind. Every time I tried to put my car to a side, another car came in front of me and held me. The pace of the back squad was very slow at the start of the race. However, with the great pit stop of the team I managed to recover some positions. There was still a little bit of rhythm left, but for the next round we will be experimenting with the car again in order to start again among the first drivers as we had already done, and to try the first victory”, says Valdeno Brito.

The next round of Stock Car is scheduled for September 15, in Velopark, municipality of Nova Santa Rita, RS.


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