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Leader in the production of generic doses in the country, Prati-Donaduzzi takes care of the health of millions of Brazilians daily

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The company's drugs are found in all Brazilian states. Photo: Aparecido da Silva.

The production of medicines has gained even more evidence at a time when the whole world needs more health. Tomorrow, May 20, is the National Generic Drug Day and the date promotes the discussion about the impact of this class on the pharmaceutical market and the breakthrough in access to the treatment of diseases.

In Brazil, the generic drug policy was introduced in 1999 by aiming to place on the market more options of drugs with the same quality, but with prices more accessible to the population. Through Law 9,787, authorization was granted for the sale of medicines that had their patents expired.

The impact of generic drugs has been and still is, reflected in consumers' pockets, because they are commercialized at least 35% more accessible, when compared to other classes of medicines.

Access for the population

In such history that generated great impacts on people's lives, Prati-Donaduzzi comes on the scene. The industry, which began its history supported by the mission of providing health and well-being to Brazilians, found generic drugs as the driving force of its business, enabling access to treatment for those who needed it so much.

Year by year, the company's portfolio gained new products. Currently, Prati-Donaduzzi occupies a significant space in the generic drug market in Brazil. Of all the doses produced, about 22% leave the headquarters of the pharmaceutical company in Toledo, in the West of Paraná. This participation allows the industry to be the largest producer of this class of medicines¹ and, consequently, to have the most consumed generic in the country.

The pharmaceutical company placed 12.4 billion therapeutic doses on the market in 2020. The industry has a portfolio of 360 generic drug options and is responsible for ensuring treatment, for instance, for about 25% of diabetics and 12% of hypertensive patients in Brazil.

“We have a moral and ethical commitment to people. They depend on our work to keep healthy. This impact is immeasurable and makes us continue taking care of Brazilians, guaranteeing more access to treatments through generic drugs”, says the CEO of the pharmaceutical company, Eder Fernando Maffissoni.

Prati-Donaduzzi Generic drugs are found throughout Brazil. The purple color, which is a strong characteristic of the pharmaceutical company brand, is able to be noticed from afar and highlighted on the shelves of mover 55 thousand pharmacies. Medicines are also present in more than 36 thousand basic health units, and they take our commitment to each dose produced and consumed. 

The high technology present in the company's industrial park allows for large-scale production and the delivery of high quality products. “We are specialists in the production of generic drugs. Our industrial park counts with the most modern in the market, and the high technology allows us to produce billions of doses annually. Our products have high quality and affordable prices”, adds Maffissoni. 

¹IQVIA MAT MAR/2021 PMB + NRC Doses Terapêuticas


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